How to treat chronic migraines with Botox

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Botox injections once every 3 months can help reduce migraine sufferers by reducing headache frequency & severity.

The Protocol

Botox is injected in small doses to at least 31 spots around the head & neck.


Botox takes effect 1–2 weeks after injection, and lasts for 10–12 weeks.

By profoundly reducing tone & tension in the head & neck muscles, it reduces the intensity of migraine episodes, each of which also becomes shorter in duration with less hypersensitivity symptoms (light or sound sensitivity).

Botox can also be used for treating related conditions including TMJ disorder, painful scar, and torticollis.


Because Botox paralyzes muscles, some patients may develop temporary droopy eyelid(s) or neck weakness.

Botox may be associated with difficulty with swallowing.

As is generally true, sometimes Botox injection can cause pain exacerbation. In some patients, migraine relief comes only after a brief period of worsened pain .

Patients cannot obtain Botox more frequently than once every 12 weeks . Otherwise the immune system may develop antibodies against Botox, such that Botox will never be useful again. This includes Botox received in other contexts, such as beauty spas.