Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) for chronic pain and post-surgical pain

Peripheral nerve stimulation” (PNS) is a novel, effective, convenient, & minimally invasive non-drug treatment for chronic neuropathic pain & post-surgical pain.


For single-nerve neuropathic pain, PNS lets the patient perform nerve treatments at home, for hours at a time, several times a day, while going about their usual activities.

Many patients find over time fewer treatments are needed.

PNS is a part of a complete pain plan that includes PT, psychology, and non-opioid medications.

PNS may be also helpful for post-surgical pain.


The lead insertion while minimally invasive, is a more involved procedure than the typical nerve block. This is performed in the operating room with conscious sedation for patients’ comfort. Patients will need a responsible adult and dependable transport home.

The hardware is left in the body and can be complicated by infection, bleeding, wire breakage, and wire migration.

Neuromodulation Neuropathy

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