Spinal column stimulation (SCS) for the treatment of chronic pain

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Spinal column stimulation (SCS) is an effective non-drug treatment for chronic pain.


A psychological evaluation is required and not every patient is a candidate for SCS therapy.

The stage 2 SCS implantation procedure is a minor surgery that does not require hospitalization. Patients will need a responsible adult and dependable transport home.

Potential complication include infection, bleeding, wire breakage, and wire migration.


SCS may be helpful for CRPS, post-laminectomy syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy, and when effective it can help patients reduce opioid medication use.

Once implanted, patients have control over the amount of SCS electrical stimulation without having to visit a physician.

SCS is a part of a complete pain plan that includes PT, psychology, and non-opioid medications.

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