National Pain Strategy

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The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services convened a panel of national experts in pain management which crafted a comprehensive, wide-ranging long-term strategy to improve pain care in the United States. This plan is called the National Pain Strategy.

The National Pain Strategy has 6 domains:

  • Population health: Improvements in state and national data are needed to study acute pain, chronic pain, high-impact pain, and the transitions between
  • Disparities: Studying and rectifying under-treatment and inappropriate treatment of pain among racial and ethnic minorities
  • Professional education: Improving professional education of all providers (pain physicians, primary care clinicians, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists)
  • Prevention & care: Increase substantially the accessibility and quality of pain care
  • Public education & communication: High quality, evidence based education programs for patients and the public
  • Service & reimbursement: Public health entities have a role in pain care and prevention, including regulators and payers