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Occipital headache

A common type of headache is experienced in the back of the head, often shooting up the scalp and perceived as “back of the eye”. It is important to recognize because there are targeted pain interventional treatments that can be very effective. Occipital headache Occipital headache is headache experienced on the back of the head,…

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A chronic neck pain & headache following rear-ending car accidents, whiplash is often due to widespread minor injuries to neck muscles & nerves. While each injury is negligible in isolation, the pain is severe and persistent because muscle, joint, and nerve pain reinforce each other. Whiplash requires comprehensive treatment with targeted interventions. Whiplash injury The…

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Cervical radiculopathy

The vertebrae, which protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves, through daily activities experience normal wear-and-tear. Sometimes this causes slight impingement of nerves, in turn causing spinal nerve inflammation and shooting pain down to the hand. Radiating neck pain Neck pain that shoots down the arm into some (not all) fingers can be due to cervical…

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