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Activating the brainstem to treat pain

Pain signals converge in the core of the brainstem where they deeply influence behavior. For checks & balances, the brainstem uses “descending inhibition” as a volume control to reduce pain. Pain physicians leverage this for treatment, via antidepressants, acupuncture, & meditation. Descending inhibition systems To keep pain signals from running out of control, the brainstem…

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Botox for migraine headaches

Botox injections once every 3 months can help reduce migraine sufferers by reducing headache frequency & severity. The Protocol Botox is injected in small doses to at least 31 spots around the head & neck. Benefits Botox takes effect 1–2 weeks after injection, and lasts for 10–12 weeks. By profoundly reducing tone & tension in…

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Topical compounded pain medications

Many patients have chronic pain in their muscles, joints, or skin. For these patients, topical pain medication can be an effective alternative to oral medications. Oral Pain Medications Oral medications must first pass through all organs including the stomach, liver, brain, heart, & kidneys. In the end, only a small amount of the medication makes…

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