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Anti-CGRP therapy for migraine

CGRP plays a key role in central chronic pain by mediating “neurogenic inflammation”. In this process, sensory nerves which usually carry electrical signal from the body instead broadcast inflammatory signals into it. CGRP is the most important of the inflammatory signals. Treating CGRP can be helpful for chronic migraine & pain. Neurogenic inflammation Small sensory…

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Medication overuse headache

Headache medications taken too regularly can paradoxically cause a new headache, called medication overuse headache (MOH), that is constant, over & above the primary headache. The treatment is to stop the medications & treat the primary headache. Central sensitization Using rescue headache medications every day changes the balance of neurochemistry (in particular serotonin) in the…

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Botox for migraine headaches

Botox injections once every 3 months can help reduce migraine sufferers by reducing headache frequency & severity. The Protocol Botox is injected in small doses to at least 31 spots around the head & neck. Benefits Botox takes effect 1–2 weeks after injection, and lasts for 10–12 weeks. By profoundly reducing tone & tension in…

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