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Sympathetic blocks for pain

The sympathetic nervous system lets the brain control the organs to maintain overall balance of body systems. In many chronic pain conditions, it worsens inflammation & pain; in some, they even become pathologic. Sympathetic blocks help reduce these effects. Sympathetically Maintained Pain Sympathetic nerves release norepinephrine and: Sensitize painful nerve endings Widen arteries causing redness…

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Early CRPS diagnosis and treatment

CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) affects hands or feet after injuries or surgeries. The burning pain of CRPS is much harder to treat if not found early. CRPS detection & treatment should START NOW. A referral should be made to a board-certified Pain Medicine specialist, who can perform advanced procedures such as ketamine infusion, bisphosphonate…

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Topical compounded pain medications

Many patients have chronic pain in their muscles, joints, or skin. For these patients, topical pain medication can be an effective alternative to oral medications. Oral Pain Medications Oral medications must first pass through all organs including the stomach, liver, brain, heart, & kidneys. In the end, only a small amount of the medication makes…

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